Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's a pattern..

I recently did this letter K as a commission piece for someone who couldn't wait for my current show to come down in June. I really had a lot of fun with it and am quite pleased with how it turned out.

So pleased in fact that I decided to use the same pattern for the background on a portrait I was working on of my son.

Yes, I realize this picture is beyond a little creepy. The idea to continue the pattern over the portrait happened in the recesses of my mind and my brush just sorta followed through. I was thinking about how my little man is just beginning to develop, and yet, there is so much already in him that is obscured. I find myself wondering what sort of person he is, what he will be. At a year old he is a puzzle to me. A frighteningly beautiful puzzle. I love him for who he is and who he will be. I am so eager to get to know him, to help him grow into the best he can be, by God's grace.

I am not sure if the painting is done. I don't really care for the current degree of creepiness. I am entertaining the idea of fleshing out the portrait a little more, refining it... but I don't know. For now I'm "letting it cool" which is the best remedy for a painting that I feel stuck on.

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Becky said...

He's just such a very handsome fellow. I like the portrait of him. Looks like he's peeking through a stained-glass window ala 1 Cor 13.