Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Erik and his Dad

The one down side to working on a large project that is to be published is that it's not kosher to publish the illustrations on your blog until the project is complete and in print.

I am currently working on a second book of poems by the infamous Erik Korhel. Local artist and author of My Tooth Fell in My Soup. It's been really fun so far and I am excited about how things are turning out. We hope to have it ready to print by January 2011.

In the mean time, I apologise for the lack of new work. As a peace offering I am posting this lovely little sketch of little Erik and his Dad.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


This past weekend was spent visiting some family in Idaho. One member of which is my three-year old niece, Olivia. A sweet little hurricane. I had the chance to do a little caricature of her before we left. She didn't hold still for even a moment of the 15-20 minutes I worked on this, but I think it may have captured a little something of her personality if not entirely her likeness.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Edward's First Watercolor

Yesterday I let my son Edward try his hand at watercolor painting for the first time.
He's 16 months old.

Barnes and Noble Bookfair

Just letting you know about an upcoming book event at the Downtown Seattle Barnes and Noble. Saturday, September 25th at 4p.m. Featuring a local dance troup's performance of "My Tooth Fell in My Soup and other poems" by Erik Korhel. The books will also be on sale, illustrated by none other than myself, Celia Baker! :) Erik will be there to personally sign your copy. So come on out, it should be fun!