Monday, May 3, 2010

New Paintings on display!

A collection of my oil paintings are currently on display at the 5th Ave. Anthropologie in Seattle. The show will remain up through June, hope you can drop by to take a gander.
Here are my two newest pieces.
The thistle painting was done from one of the photos I took while Seth and I were hiking in Switzerland in 2008. I don't usually do botanical illustrations, so this was kinda an experiment. I really enjoyed it and wouldn't mind doing a few more.
The lion painting was partly inspired by my trip to the zoo a while back and partly by my desire to do alphabet illustrations. Hence, L is for lion. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the thistle painting. Beautiful!


Tim Darragh said...

I love the lion... He looks like he's got a MoHawk (that's a good idea: punk lions).

I wish there was more green in the thistle painting, but i'm probably not seeing it on my computer screen.

Celia Marie Baker said...

yeah. green is good. probably could have used more. :) seth was surprised by the purple. I think I tend towards greens, yellows and reds, so the purple was a nice way to switch it up.