Friday, October 3, 2008

Pictures of the Show

red scarf: $80

self portrait: SOLD
waiting: $80
trend: SOLD
blue truck: SOLD

human behavior a-z: SOLD
green dress: $60
abc: $80
madeline: $200

blue truck: SOLD

competition: SOLD
opposites: SOLD
yellow hat: SOLD
girl: $90
shopping: SOLD

sarah: $120
rosa: $80
green mug: SOLD
brunette: $80

123: $120

green car: SOLD
pile of rocks: $350
rain: SOLD
ocean side: $90

rosa: $80

This show is up on display, with some minor changes and updates, through November. Those paintings which were sold before the 24th of October will be replaced at the end of the month.


Becky said...

This is SO COOL. I so love the horrid (horrible?) alphabet, and my new special favorite is the little girl with the red buttons. That really appeals to me.

Robert said...

I still love the playground one. How much? I may have to buy it.